How To Order Your Trusses
In order for us to build your trusses, it is best to send us a copy of the blueprints. If the project is small, you can send us the following information.
Span - The length of the bottom chord.

Overhang Length -the horizontal distance from the end of the bottom chord to the bottom edge of the top chord.

How Many -trusses you need can be easily determined as they are usually spaced 24 inches on center.

Design Load -the sum of the live and dead loads for top and bottom chords, plus the allowable stress increase.

End Cut -specify plumb cut, square cut or wild (not cut). See drawings below for referrals.

Gable Ends -specify the type of gable end required: standard gable, dropped top chord, louver size.

Roof Slope -the verticle rise in inches per 12 inch horizontal run.

Soffit Returns -specify return information for soffit framing.

Type of Truss - specify the type of truss configuration desired, such as kingpost, howe, scissor, etc.

Special Truss Types - specify all dimensions, cantilevers, etc.

See image below for reference