The Stabilizer
MiTekĀ® Industries introduces a revolutionary new product for the truss industry, The Stabilizerā„¢ truss bracing system provides truss installers the best of both worlds... accurate 24" o.c. truss spacing with ample structural properties for both construction bracing and permanent lateral bracing. The Stabilizer is truly a breakthrough product! Its unique design means truss setting will never be faster, or easier. Just attach The Stabilizer to the top chord of an installed truss, bring up the next truss, and hammer down the top and side tabs. Simple. No cutting and handling spacer blocks or "layout sticks". No fumbling for nails hanging 30 feet in the air! And, since The Stabilizer is inplane you just deck right over the top of it. In addition, the unique structural quality of The Stabilizer allows it to be used as permanent lateral bracing. The Stabilizer is so quick to install, you can brace webs as you set trusses, eliminating the need to return later to install lateral bracing.

ASTM A653 Grade 40
0.036 inch (20ga.) Thickness
G60 Galvanized Coating
0.83 lb./piece product weight
Ultimate Capacities*
Compression = 1040 lbs.
Tension = 340 lbs.
Centerline Moment = 1920 in.-lbs.
End Moment = 432 in.-lbs.
* Apply appropriate safety factors